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  Henan Jingkang Industrial Co.,Ltd.is located in Xin'an County,Henan Province,the hinterland of the Central Plains.Xin'anli is the capital of Luoyang and the Western Gateway of the Nine Dynasties.It connects Zheng Bian in the East and Chang'an in the west.In contemporary times,Longhai Railway,310 National Highway and Lianhuo Expressway run across the East and west,and the traffic is very convenient.

  Our company was formerly Luoyang Kunsheng Industry and Trade Co.,Ltd.in April 2017,because of development needs,the name was changed to Henan Jingkangshi Industrial Co.,Ltd.It is a professional manufacturer of magnesium alloy and aluminium alloy flux.The company covers an area of 20 mu,has fixed assets of 3 million yuan,liquidity of 3 million yuan,23 on-the-job employees and 3 technicians.At the same time,Luoyang Institute of Non-ferrous Metals has been hired for many years as the technical consultant of the company,and a sound quality control system has been established.At the same time,it has established long-term cooperative relations with many domestic institutions of higher learning,and has the ability to develop and produce high-tech products.Various flux products have been sold to all parts of the country,and established a long-term supply and demand relationship with customers,which has won praise from users.

  The company's main products are:Magnesium alloy gold with No. 1 to No.6 flux,melting agent,covering agent,refining agent:general flux for aluminum alloy,covering agent,refining agent,special flux for aluminum slag recovery and other products.Since its inception,the company has always adhered to the management concept of"quality for survival,responsibility for far-reaching,industry quality,altruistic win-win",established a complete quality management system,introduced the management model of large enterprises,according to market changes and needs,with advanced technology,excellent laboratory and analytical means,dedicated to provide new and old customers with reliable quality and reasonable prices of products;Service is our company's eternal goal.


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