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Application of Magnesium Alloy Sheet

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  (1)Magnesium alloy sheet is an indispensable material for aerospace industry.The economic benefit and performance improvement brought by weight reduction of aviation materials are very significant.The same quality of weight reduction of commercial aircraft and automobiles brings about fuel cost savings,the former is nearly 100 times that of the latter,while the fuel cost savings of fighter aircraft is nearly 10 times that of commercial aircraft.More importantly,the improvement of its maneuverability can greatly improve its combat effectiveness and survivability.Because of this,the aviation industry will take various measures to increase the application of magnesium alloys.At present,the aluminium material used in aircraft accounts for about 85%of the total weight of aircraft.The high strength and corrosion resistant magnesium alloy sheet has better performance than aluminium sheet,and it has more advantages in the application of aircraft.

  (2)Magnesium alloy is an ideal structural material for reducing the quality of weapon equipment,realizing the lightweight of weapon equipment and improving the tactical performance of weapon equipment.Military applications,such as helicopters and fighter planes,need to be used in large quantities;tanks,armored vehicles,military jeeps,guns and weapons,etc.,can reduce the single-soldier integrated combat system to 6.37Kg.Magnesium plate is used to make bullet shell and shell shell,which doubles the load of individual bullet.

  (3)Transportation applications,such as automobiles,trains and ships,reduce weight,save energy and reduce pollution,and the country is vigorously developing.

  (4)It is widely used in 3C products.

  _In power supply applications,magnesium power products are high-energy pollution-free power supply,such as manufacturing magnesium-manganese dry batteries,magnesium air batteries,magnesium seawater batteries,torpedo power supply and power batteries.

  High potential magnesium alloy sacrificial anode plate is used for metal protection.

  Civil use is also very wide.Such as environmental protection building decoration board,sports,medical equipment,tools,advanced spectacle frame,watch case,advanced travel supplies and other welding wire applications


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